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Magdalene Planetary Grid Activations Commenced

Novemmber 2011

As I mentioned, I’ve known for a while that I was to do workshops in the US as well as France and Australia. I have also already conferred with a friend who leads tours in Egypt to co-lead a tour of various temples along the Nile where the initiates, in Anna’s time, were trained - each temple representing mastery of a particular chakra. Claire channeled Anna (the grandmother of Jesus) in a workshop in 2006 in Seattle taking us on an inner journey of the initiations conducted in these temples on the Nile. Our intent in designing the 2012 Egypt trip is to actually go to the temples that Anna took us to on this inner journey however, a much larger picture and purpose has unfolded.

What came forth is it’s now time for the Magdalenes (many of you) to activate dormant Magdalene grids within the planet.  Many of you are aware that the new Christ Grid surrounding the planet is now complete. However there are Magdalene grids now to be re-activated in Mother Earth. It is in a sense planetary acupuncture so the new energy emerging through the shift of consciousness that we are in has an ability to be anchored. In this time period of increasing chaos in individual’s lives, as well as on the planet with extreme weather, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, etc., there is a cracking happening both in individual’s lives as well as upon the earth itself. It is a cracking of the old paradigm, in a sense, the cracking of the ego so a greater opening to spirit can be accessed and anchored onto the planet which in turn will create the opening for the new templates, systems, products and information to really take root in our world.

The Magdalenes (us – both women and men) are now being called forth to serve as the transmitters, in a sense to be the acupuncture needles on the global activation points listed here. In this way we, as Magdalenes, serve as the midwives of the new consciousness being birthed. We also serve as the link for connecting the Magdalene grid of the planet with the newly completed Christ grid surrounding the planet – thus assisting in activating the macrocosmic interlocking frequencies of the twin-flame Christ-Magdalene planetary codes so all life on earth is awakened.  

As this larger picture unfolded it became clear that the Magdalene workshops were not only for gaining a greater understanding of the Magdalene Order, ourselves as Magdalenes, and for activating our personal Magdalene Grid; but also for receiving the preparation and fine-tuning we need to be the conduits for the planetary activation points. I was clearly informed that people who wish to participate in the Grid Activations must participate in a preparation process (included in the Magdalene Grid Activation tours)  to attune, step-up their frequency and create a group field in order to fully and safely serve as the conduits for the different planetary activation points. Each location to be activated over the next eleven years corresponds to a particular body part. The first activation happened on 11-11-11 near Lourdes France which corresponds to the heart. I was instructed to visit Chalice Well in Glastonbury, Somerset, England to get water from the White Spring to bring to all the subsequent activation sites. This is the plan as of now, however, portions of the timing and/or specific locations may shift with further fine-tuning.

St. Germain and the Hosts of Heaven

Channeled Through Catherine Ann Clemett

Wednesday January 28, 2004

We wish to come to you today, me and my council, to wish you God speed and an easy transition into your new life that you are all creating collectively here upon your beloved Mother Earth. It is indeed a great time upon your planet and a great time for all who are waking up and choosing to consciously evolve in their understanding of light and of living a soul centered God-given life. It is a time for self-reflection and for giving yourself permission to view consciously what has gone on before in your world and become aware that you do have, not only the chance and the opportunity to change it, but the God given right to do so. This is not from someone in a position of authority and power outside of yourself to do this, but from your own Divinity, your own conscious choosing to do so. It is not only a privilege, but your right bestowed upon you from the higher realms in this lifetime, in this current age, which you who have worked for lifetimes to create, that you now are being invited to step forth and create the reality you desire on your own terms. Now is the time. The moment of transformation is upon you and, in fact, well under way. It is a time for the re-emergence of Spirit and of fulfilling the sweet tender longing which has been deep within your beings for a very long time.

That tenderness which has had to be so hidden, so protected, lest it be vanquished now will find its voice, its place, it is its day. Believe me when I say, that you all are Gods, for surely this is so. It is now time for the blinders to come off and for the eyes to see. For the sights that are to come forth are magnificent indeed. You must allow yourself and align yourself for the eyes to see however. You are the bridges of consciousness, the rainbow bridges of consciousness that are pulling up the vibration of the human consciousness upon this planet. You are the ones acting as transformers and translators of energy and you are doing a magnificent job.

The human DNA is changing to that of the crystalline or Christ consciousness. The crystalline matrix holds the vibration of inter-dimensionality and the coding or records of consciousness or the Akashic records as it were. The crystalline nature of the inter-dimensional DNA now coming online and becoming activated will allow the Akashic records to be more fully accessible for they are part of your physical-etheric-interdimensional beingness that is all merging into the ‘ONE’. Hear me when I say this that you are the Gods and Angels of the universe once in full connection, full awareness, and full alignment who have volunteered to fall into the densest of worlds so that by individual personal choice reunion or RE-UNI-ON(E) can occur.  It is to move beyond the negating of Oneness, the separation of consciousness, back to the re-establishment of the “I” and the One being the same, the unity consciousness.

It is time now for all beings to realize that the acceleration of consciousness is occurring like a giant snowball picking up speed. How easy or difficult this transformation comes about in your life, for it will, depends on your willingness to participate consciously in this transformational process. This participation is through intent and desire to do so. It is through aligning yourself with your soul and your soul’s purpose and aligning yourself with Divine Will as this one who is writing has done for she has felt stuck and stagnant for some time and was led to focus upon connecting with the energy, the force of Divine Will. It is a blessing to be the conduit for the higher consciousness to enter into the lower realms and transmute it. All will benefit this way. It is a great service not only to humanity but to Divinity itself. You are all honored, loved, cherished, and supported more than you can ever know. The time is now. The moment is now. For only the NOW exists.

I and my brothers and sisters of the ‘light’, are part of you. We are part of the fabric of your crystalline DNA consciousness. Call upon us. Use us. Allow us to be your foundation and your inspiration, that which assists you in accessing the temple of your soul. Your role is more profound than you think, not in the complexity of life, but in the simplicity of being truly who you are in love, in compassion, in honor and integrity. And how do you know you are these things? By the shift that happens when you consciously intend to be aligned with the temple of your soul in each moment. To consciously be aligned in all that you do with Divine Will, with Divine Purpose and Divine Love.  For then you will feel energy, a feeling of lightness, of peace, an upliftment, and perhaps insight or inspiration for that is the God within the most tender of places shining forth and speaking with you. It is with joy, compassion, humor, humility and love that we come to you for this is our reflection of you back to yourselves which you have called forth. It is who you are at the core, in those deep tender places. We are here to assist you in reflecting that to each other and back to us for in doing so we all return to unity for there is no separation.

So be it and so it is. Namaste

St. Germain and the Hosts of Heaven.

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Have you ever had a goal, a project, or an intuitive hit of something you knew you were to do, however, when you tried to set it into motion it just felt like you were swimming upstream? First, there is always the question whether you are really supposed to be doing it. Once you ascertain that it is what you are being guided to do but it still is not falling together easily, that’s a clue that what you are endeavoring to do may be part of a larger picture occurring in cosmic time, not necessarily just in your own personal understanding of time. Sometimes the larger multidimensional part of us knows what’s happening but our personality self seems to be in the dark unable to perceive the larger cosmic plan at work.

For those of you who have read the Anna books (Anna, the Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong and Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes by Claire and myself), you've been introduced to the teachings of the Magdalenes. I have shared previously about Magdalene being an Order of Consciousness, not just the individual known as Mary Magdalene (click here to read about the Magdalene Order.)  The Essenes in Yeshua's (Jesus') time involved with the Christ drama were all part of the Magdalene Order. Many of you today, who are dedicated to anchoring the Divine Feminine and who acknowledge the interconnectedness of all life, are present-day Magdalenes although you may not have been aware of this until now.

I’ve known for a long time that I am to lead Magdalene workshops partly for the purpose of bringing people together who hold the Magdalene codes and information that is meant to come forth now. Early in 2011 I fully intended to start leading these workshops in different areas around the United States where people had expressed an interest in having me come however, when I put it out, a tidal wave of health, family, money and other challenges hit me preventing me from moving forward.

In August of 2011 on a trip to Los Angeles, Nevada and Utah, I experienced a synchronistic series of events – meeting new people, receiving information and downloads from various sources much of which came through a totally unexpected reading with a psychic, Mariangela Genevieve, in Virgin, Utah. In this reading the larger picture presented itself. I now know my inability to get anything going was a matter of understanding the cosmic timing – that of meeting certain individuals who had additional pieces of information which were needed for me to move forward. The events of August 2011 were reminiscent of the synchronicities that happened several years ago connecting me with Claire Heartsong in order to bring forth the sequel to her first book Anna, Grandmother of Jesus.

Cosmic Timing - The Larger Plan Unfolds

September 2011

By Catherine Ann Clemett


“All that I Am is the Great

Perfection  – and that is enough! “

~ From Anna, , the Voice of the Magdalenes