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Your deepest inner self is the one beckoning you to

move forward beyond concepts, ideologies

 and dogma into direct experience.”

~ Soulweaving, Return to the Heart of the Mother

Donations / Assistance

As you can see from the Event/Schedule I have tried to go whenever and wherever I have been directed by Spirit. Although it has been exciting and rewarding in many ways, I have always been living on the edge financially, contributing whatever resources I’ve had to being able to be of service. After this last trip to Europe where I facilitated fourteen events in nine countries in ninety days, I had a little ‘pow wow’ with my Councils of Light. I’ve have been asking for assistance so things aren’t always so challenging for me. At this point after being the public figure for this work for the last ten years, particularly the last six years as I started traveling more extensively; I now feel a bit like a battered and bruised salmon returning to their spawning grounds. I need to change how I do everything so I can move forward with less stress, and more grace and ease especially since getting older, I know my body can’t keep handling the stress I’ve put it through the last several years.

So it is time to ask for help financially and in other ways for assistance with my business which I will write about later as it becomes clear to me how people can assist me with that. As many of you are aware, except for occasional part-time help particularly most consistently from my friend, Barry Levin, I do all of the work myself including all the technology and websites, writing and publishing of books, layout of books, tour planning, Grid Activations, channeling, workshops, etc. There have even been times that the Anna books were out of print for awhile while I figured out how to come up with the money to finance the next print-run since that has been my responsibility as the publisher.

As with many light workers, asking for money is not an easy thing for me to do. There have been several wonderful people who have contributed money occasionally here and there in the past for which I am exceedingly grateful. It certainly always helps me and the work to keep moving forward. So on this site I have included a ‘Donation’ button on the top left corner of each web page if you feel called to contribute. Any amount is greatly appreciated. I have shared a Go Fund Me video I made while in Italy which I decided not to do the Go Fund Me campaign after all. I would like to share the video with you however as what my friends had to say is really wonderful, empowering and supportive.

Seeding the Light Funding Video

I did this video about a month into my European trip (early April 2016). I realized I was going to end up in debt (which I did) as I encountered many more unexpected expenses than I had originally thought. Starting this trip I knew I would be lucky to ‘break even’ but unforeseen events changed that however I felt strongly that I needed to keep going instead of returning back to the states as that point. I contemplated setting up a ‘Go Fund Me’ campaign, recorded the video, set up the campaign and then decided against it and never published it. Even though I decided not to set up the campaign, you can view the video anyway. If you feel called to donate you can do it through the donate button below. I am in gratitude to you and thank you all for the support of me and this work which you have shown in all kinds of ways over the years.

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Seeding the Light Funding Video

Bologna, Italy

“Your deepest inner self is the one beckoning you to

move forward beyond concepts, ideologies

 and dogma into direct experience.”

~ Soulweaving, Return to the Heart of the Mother