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“Dear Catherine Ann - I am so happy I followed my heart and went with you together with Ani Williams on the Magdalene Grid Activation to Scotland. It was truly an amazing and life changing experience. I reconnected to members of my soul family, which is heartwarming. I loved the blend of meditations, activations and visits to historical places. Catherine Ann has the talent to make you feel really comfortable during meditations which resulted in my case in a deep and profound release of emotional baggage in one of the first meditations. At the final grid activating meditation, I experienced a huge column of purple energy, connecting us all. The rainbow that appeared out of nowhere was awesome (there were no clouds, only very small droplets of rain) and a confirmation of the profound work we did. I loved the sound healing part by Ani Williams. I still play her CD often to get back into the Scotland vibe. I would highly recommend anyone who feels the pull of joining a grid activation to follow their hearts. .”~Sandra L.(Netherlands )1/2/13

“Connecting with the wonderful women...on the Scotland and England activations has been very strong and yet again so different from the very first two activations in France. For me, each time I have had the honor to touch these incredible beings, a grand opening of a new understanding within me occurs. I have been taking all these experiences from our first Grid Activation in France right until the England Activation into my work as a massage therapist. I have been living moving moments, vibrations, and now seeing visions....Oooooh La La this is all occurring in my special moments while sharing my work with clients. Thank you Catherine Ann for these incredible trips into THE world that I feel so comfortable in!  Yes, I have been a VOLUNTEER going into the darkest places to bring the LIGHT for transformation. Thru my own experiences: spiritual self development, Vipassana meditation marathon classes, my spiritual transformation readings and then with the 2 Anna books and coming to your Special Dates for Grid Activations, I feel as I am anchoring LOVE, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and COMPASSION not only within myself but with others and on this planet earth our Mother Earth! Yes, we are becoming ONE. A grand necessity no doubt! The key word as you said so well is BALANCE with the Cosmic and Personal WITHIN YOU, WITHIN ALL OF US and being conscious of it all. HALLELUJAH! My GIFT in my MULTI DIMENSIONAL SELF is: I Vibrate Magic. Thanks to you, my dear Catherine Ann, I was able to bring out the words that best fit my reason why I am here on planet earth. I am looking forward to reading your book on Soul Weaving. YES YES YES, I have been and I do listen to my signals and I do distinguish that inner pull...that is why I was with you last year 2011 for my first Grid Activation! BRAVO once again. Thank you for your courage in taking up this incredible human and planet adventure. I have attended  2 France Activations, the England and Scotland Activations.” ~ Helen L. (Geneva, Switzerland) 11/19/12

“I feel very humbled to have been a part of the Melbourne Grid Activation. It was part of my soul purpose in this lifetime, to have attended and become connected with the Magdalene Order once again. Though visions and knowing, my galactic purpose is coming to the forefront once again though the “Magdalene’s”. I was guided to the Magdalene Order, after Visiting Egypt in October 2012, my first trip outside Australia. While meditating in Australia, I asked to be led to something that would help me lift my spiritual standing and that of others that where ready to move towards the light. I had a vision of a book on a table, I found that book in a book shop in Luxor. It had only arrived the day before and was titled The Nine Eyes of Light, by Padma Aon Prakasha, which after reading led me to The Christ Blueprint, which mentioned the Magdalene Order and after some research led me to Catherine Ann. Our group in Melbourne consisted of three (3) men and five (5) women that became a very cohesive group. The visions that I received where inspirational and twice I felt a physical presence on my shoulder during meditations. I saw Mother Earth (Gaia), opening with red Lava pouring down, many people in spirit with us, Australian Aboriginals, Tibetan Type Monks, Black Women shoulder to shoulder, hands around a portal opening it to the Stars above and then all these green shoots coming out of the ground, I journeyed to a cliff top to repair a grid, four or five stone figures with a monk in front of them holding a new born baby and so much more. Catherine Ann and the Magdalenes have ignited the Spirit within me, to the point that I thirst for more. We need to pull together as one, to initiate change as never seen before on a Global scale. Go within and feel the Love.  I believe anyone who chooses to join the order and/or participate in one or several of the Order activities will benefit greatly.  Even my wife is impressed with the difference it has made in my personal being.  She has noticed that my enthusiasm for spirit is almost insatiable now and loves seeing the positivity ooze out of me with love and healing for all. ~ Eric (Geelong Victoria, Australia) 2013 (Melbourne Activation) 6/18/13

“I didn't want another moment to go by without me thanking you with all my heart for a truly powerful and joyful Magdalene retreat. If I had to describe what I thought the daughter of Mary and Jesus would be like, I would be describing you ;-)....so amazingly humble, wise, compassionate, beautiful,  joyful and peaceful.  Just being with you Catherine Ann, was such a loving and joyful experience for me.  I truly felt so blessed and honored to be with you and all the other magnificent women.” ~ Jean T. (Studio City, CA) 8/14/13

"I first me  Catherine Ann Clemett  while  reading her book,  Soulweaving, Return to the Heart of the Mother.  With an awe-filled heart I tracked her soul journey with feelings of resonance and gratitude for the tremendous shifts she has made in this lifetime. In 2015, I was delighted to join her for a Grid Activation on Maui. She proved to be a magical guide and Healer for us all. In my view her physical and spiritual stamina is based in the frequencies of Mary Magdalene and the Christos that she carries. She is an amazing "channel", and a source of inspiration for opening up to my own innate tendencies to connect with the Invisibles. I am grateful for her presence in my life." ~ Linda B.

(Eugene, OR) 1/27/16

“I've been pondering how to express my experiences, with regard to the Egyptian and Turkey Grid Activations, (the ones I've remotely participated in). There's so much to tell and I wish to keep it simple. These activations have impacted myself, my twin flame relationship and my community in such amazing ways. that I've created slideshows on You Tube, showing the Peace River that we've been trying to protect for over 40 years, and it's all coming to a head now ! To me, it really represents the imbalance of the Masculine/Feminine resulting in the continued abuse of the planet. It's also directly related to my past life in Egypt, 15,000 years ago as a slave ,when I completed my karma by forgiving all the abuse. Now, here we are again, doing sort of a "replay" to heal and transform my Spiritual family. The energy I've received, through my joining with the Magdalene's has been extremely helpful and has affected my relationship with my Twin, in powerful and positive ways. I am so thankful for this, and I will continue to be part of the future Grid Activations. I agree with the women on the recording, that we are all in the correct place on the planet, for each activation, I know I am meant to anchor this energy in Northern British Columbia, my home. I would love to physically attend a Grid Activation, but only if it's meant to be and I'm not needed here." ~ Virginia L. (Fort Saint John, British Columbia, Canada) 12/3/14

“It has been a tumultuous time during this Turkey grid activation. To begin with just prior to me signing on to the remote activation I had a dream in which Mother Mary was telling me that there was too much blood in "her house" and so it was difficult for people to visit this land. I had the feeling she might be speaking of the war in Syria but maybe old blood as well. Now it is not unusual for me to connect with Mother Mary. She has always been the one I turn too even before Yeshua or Mary Magdalene. It is as if I really knew her? I tuned in to the replays usually the day you did the actual activation. So the first one I became aware of a spiraling energy coming in and connecting with the earth. It felt as if it were all the cosmic group of the Magdalenes coming in to charge this area with their energy. It was almost like boring into this dimension. I was participating as well as being the observer or a recipient. On Friday, I woke to Mother Mary's presence, she had asked me to be with her in meditation about a week prior each morning. Usually it is early in the morning. 4:30-5 or 6 am. I knew this morning we were finished for the time being in Ephesus and Turkey. She asked me to pick a color. I waited and red colored my whole visual field. Then all began to come in, the Magdalenes, the Mary's and Yeshua, the 12  Grandmothers from the Grandmothers Speak group I belong to, the faeries, the elementals, the angelic, other  groups that I or others belong to...family.  Each taking their place in a grand circle, each sitting in yogi style. Deep, deep OM-ing could be heard much as the Tibetans but almost as if it was coming from the earth. Then in silence it was done and we were all in the Red Rocks of Sedona where the Grandmothers Speak group was asked to go and cast the net of light Thurs.-Sat. Then on Sunday on to the Grand Canyon. Again all were present coming together as one to cast the net of light. The message was ..."You Are Not Alone." It was a beautiful several days..” ~ Valerie H. (Burlingame, CA)  11/19/14


 Testimonial by Manuel Espinoza (San Jose, CA)

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“Whether we consciously recognize it or not, we are conduits, here on earth, of the great creator being force.”

~ From Soulweaving, Return to the Heart of the Mother

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