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Anna the Voice of the Magdalenes  Book

By Claire Heartsong

By Claire Heartsong and Catherine Ann Clemett

“In 25 years of incessantly reading spiritual New Age materials, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, is by far my favorite book.   It just took all the facts that I thought I knew and tied them all together.  I often found myself saying "Ah, yes, that's how it was!"  And how many times have I gone to Claire's website looking for signs that a sequel was coming.  Finally it arrived, and it didn't disappoint.  I loved following all the followers and family to their destinations.  I've read these books 4 times and will probably not stop there.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!” ~Sue R.   (Fairfax, VA)

“I have Anna, Grandmother of Jesus and expecting the sequel to arrive any day. I absolutely enjoyed Anna and felt it was more close to the truth than anything else I have read. Also the information is incredible and I have shared it with my small group. We meet once a week to do healing and meditation and share information. I am looking forward to reading the sequel and will also let you know. Thank you Claire and Catherine Ann so much for writing the books and putting it out there. “ ~ Judy E. (North Island, New Zealand)

“It is a privilege to have had the opportunity to read 'Anna', and I have been moved and changed more than I can say. Thank you for all it took to prepare for the channeling of that remarkable and beautiful woman. May we all have her commitment and humanity as well as yours. The woman who loaned the book to me said it would knock my socks off. It did and changed my whole world view. It was as if looking through levels and dimensions which broke and mending the heart. No book ever has meant as much.” ~ Nancy

"I am in the midst of reading Anna, Grandmother of Jesus which has taken me on a journey to my past and re-ignited the present. I am currently going through some initiations as I read the book. Energetically I am being restructured or balanced by my spiritual family. I have read almost every book I can get my hands on pertaining to the "real" Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, etc. Each book has taken me deeper into my soul, but this book is home. I realized that the characters are the closest family I have! Amazing book and a very special thanks for bringing it to the world."  -Suzie

“You and Anna have created a masterpiece of heart-felt activations. I feel tremendous gratitude for your/her words in Anna, Grandmother of Jesus. The magic continues to grow daily and I am chuckling at the synchronicities between Anna's story and these current times. I keep asking to know the bigger picture so that I can make sense of what is happening in the horizontal reality. Each day I feel more connected to my inner guidance and more in awe of this life. Thank you, thank you is what I feel and hear inside.” ~ Mira El

“The Anna, Grandmother of Jesus book touches my heart like nothing I've ever experienced before. I must honestly say that what little experience I've had in my life with the Christian faith turned me totally off so I've never been excited about reading any books about Jesus. Once I started the book I couldn't put it down. My life will never be the same. During one of our synergy meditations, I saw myself witnessing Jesus' crucifixion (this was before I read the book). I felt devastated. I felt like I ran away and could never bring myself to carry on the work. I wish I'd had the strength of character to carry on. Anyway, I feel like I have the courage now. I used to think I had made some great strides to say that I'm not afraid to die. Now I feel that I'm not afraid to live forever.” ~ Linda G.

A friend of mine asked me to close my eyes and receive something into my hands to just feel "it". Within the following minute I experienced what I never felt before, while holding any book in my hands. Waves of energy moving up my face, my eyes fluttering like in a dreaming state, my brain charged with fluid power which then moved down my spine into the body. Wow! What a book! What a healing power! What a gift! But you have to be wide open to it - very wide, otherwise you could be disappointed. This book is pure healing essence. Place a glass of drinking water on it and wait for some time. Then drink and experience the miracle. This is far more than a book. I am very, very grateful.” ~ Reader from Great Britain

“Words cannot express the blessings and healing love energy emanating from yours and Anna's wonderful book, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus. Ditto's on all comments on your website. A dear friend loaned it to me (I'm not a reader, and I could not put it down. I am reading it for the second time.) I took it with me to another dear friend. She drew it to her heart with tears streaming down her face.” ~Annette

“First, sorry for my English language.... I'm french. I read your book Anna Grandmother of Jesus. It was so wonderful, the best book I’ve read. It was deeply moving. I look forward to reading Anna the Voices of Magdelenes as soon as it is available in France. You have changed my live. Thank you. God bless you.” ~ Fabiah (France)

I read Anna, Grandmother of Jesus and Anna, Voice of the Magdalenes several years apart and both affected me very deeply.  It had nothing to do with the story, or the details of Jesus and Mary's life as presented.  It did, however, have everything to do with the "feelings" of pure joy and peace in my heart as I read.  It was a remembrance, of sorts, as well as an awakening.  The sense of community, of Oneness, was ever present throughout the books.  The purity of love that is possible in these human bodies brought such peace.  It was a potent reminder of why I am here and what it is that I'm here to create...or recreate, as it may be!  Reading both books enabled me to expand my heart immensely and "feel" things that I haven't for a long time.  Words cannot quite encompass the effect on my heart and soul...you just have to experience it for yourself. Many blessings to you ladies!!  I very much appreciate all your work in writing the new book.  It was well worth the wait! “~ Erin C. (Salem, CT)

I want to thank you Claire and Catherine Ann for this wonderful book Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes. Reading Mary of Bethany's words of how anguished she was and the jealousy that overtook her and her retreat into silence to overcome this proved to be such a wonderful insight as to how human she really was.   As she recognized her strong desire to be a healer/rescuer, my mind recognized my own "need" to be a teacher and my "spiritual superiority" attitude.  This was so enlightening. I realized that I must overcome this false idea of who I am.   Anna has said that our own lives are the initiations we must go through, that we don't have to go to the pyramids, and how true this is. Thank you again and for the angels who assist you all.” ~ M Robinson   (Spanish Fork, UT)

“I thank you Sssssooooo much for Anna, Grandmother of Jesus that I've read at least ten+ times and is on my night stand. Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes (Wow!!!) It brought up so many feeling & memories of being there. I have to relay what happen while reading. I was in a very intense program in l997-98 in which we were sitting on the floor learning to channel when the instructor said someone is holding back. I was up and in the chair in a leap across the room. I sat there said nothing as Yeshua was looking thought my eyes into the heart of each person and the instructor just smiled knowing who was there...  While resting my eyes for a moment Yeshua came and thanked me for allowing him to come through that day...The feeling was sssooo much love and his confirmation of me being a part of his family. Thank You and Many Blessings.” ~Annette B.  (Austin, TX)

“My experience of both books was profound. The first was a soul-opening confirmation event for me and the second one felt like an activation beyond anything I have experienced from print. Thank you so much for this world-altering material.” ~ Trinity T.   (Sacramento, CA)

“I have read both books and loved every moment of the incredible journey and profound teachings that trigger a deep awakening within the DNA of the memory of our magnificence and the wonder of who we are. Congratulations on the profound contribution you have made to mankind.  As you know(my work as the founder of Possibilities DNA) has always been about the awakening of the DNA.   I have continued the journey of shifting consciousness  and taking our youth and vitality chromosomes back into a state of youth and longevity. (In Anna's time a select handful of initiates followed the path of physical immortality through the Rites of the Sepulcher.) The Masters told me that we would be given a physical formula that would reset the DNA in the  mitochondria back to youth and eventually the DNA in the nucleus of the cells.  That technology is now here.  (Go to the links page to hear a fascinating exchange about DNA and new technology from Margaret Ruby).” ~ Margaret Ruby (Sand Point, ID) (Founder of Possibilities DNA)

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Anna Grandmother of Jesus Book

“A few years ago, I read Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, and while doing so, I felt lifted into a space of feeling much more light, love, peace and bliss.  Anna's story and the wisdom she shared resonated with much truth for me and I waited patiently and I admit anxiously to read a continuation of her family's story.  Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes continued to shed more light on the story of her family.  I was enthralled with the information and having an open mind, I am at peace with it.  I am grateful and appreciative of the family members sharing their ancient secrets and wisdom.  I am so very happy they have opened up to tell us exactly how it was for them and that nothing of their deeper truths were withheld from us.  Finally, I feel like I have been given a gift that sincerely resonates as a truthful account of the Holy Family's journey. I wish to thank Claire and Catherine Ann for all of the hard work you have put into bringing this story to light. Sending you Seas of Love and Skies of Light.” ~ Ann E.

“I have just finished both books and I would like to pass on to you the immense joy I had in reading them.  I felt that I too belong to the lineage of Anna. I felt a connection to Mariam and Johanne. The books have help me put into perspective my relationship to Yeshua and Mary the Mother of God.  I was once told by a Catholic priest that I was like Mary the Mother of God, but I had put her too high up.  Now having read these two books I feel I am on a level playing field with both. I live on 107 acres of land in Gidgegannup about 50 minutes from Perth, Western Australia.  I have a labyrinth and a couple of very special sacred spaces on this land.  I had 9 women come up today to go through an initiation of rose water and to walk the labyrinth to bring about the balance of the Christ/Magdalene energy. I am very blessed to be in this time and space at this very moment.  Thank you Catherine Ann and Claire for your courage to bring these books into realization. God Bless you both.” ~ Jennifer Anne T.  (Perth Western Australia )

“My experience with Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, held me spellbound as each page unfurled with answers to questions and gaps in the traditional historical stories surrounding Jesus.  Often I found myself thinking "A-ha!" ... or whispering, "yes ... of course!" ... as disclosures from the other side of the veil joined together to form the greater picture of Yeshua's true purpose, as well as the incredible Cosmic endeavor "behind the scenes"!  Each biblical person became more alive as their emotions were revealed. Anna's sharings simply radiate with insights and inspiration -- pearls of wisdom!  It has become my personal "bible," covering both old and new testaments.  If I were forced to choose just one book from my library, it would be this one. Blessings to you both ... your story of connecting with each other is one of those "neat" happenings!” ~ Peg F.  (Rockville, MD)

“I loved Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, so when I learned there was a sequel, I ordered it immediately. I am presently halfway through Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes. The voices speak directly to my heart. So much truth comes through them, and yet it is easy to relate to their humanness.  There are many places that I have to just put the book down and contemplate what I have just read and feel the energy. It saddens me to learn that they were so persecuted for so many years. I am glad that they feel they can now release their vow of silence and share the truth. They were all so strong, noble and serving. It’s very humbling. I highly recommend this book for every truth seeker.” ~ Joan M.   (Ashland, OR)

“Both books are wonderful. The first book was a true gift. I felt 'freed' from the constraints of religion and also felt the Divine Feminine in its glorious strength and beauty. The second book was a history lesson of the Divine Feminine and the power of religion. Thank you for sharing this amazing work. I hope more books will be forthcoming!” ~ Carolyn A. (Crestone, CO)

Thank you so much. The books have arrived in Australia and are making their way to their new homes.  I love Anna, Grandmother of Jesus and am looking forward to the new one when it comes out. Thank you so much for the work you have done. It is so good to have a book like this to be able to share with others. May the Great Mother continue to Hold you in her loving care. "

~ Helen

“I truly enjoyed both books, but especially Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes.  I know I have lived many life times. I have been told that I was a high priestess at the time of King Arthur. I healed him and his father.  I felt like I knew all the places you talked about.  I was also an Essene but do not know which group.  The whole story seem so real to me.  Last November in my dreams, my soul said I have completed what I came to do; now it is time to move on. So whatever the future brings, will be fine with me, at almost 82 yrs. old.  I really love your books and will buy some more to give to my four sons, and their families.  Thanks again for stepping “out of the box” so to speak.” ~ Gerri B. (Winchester, VA)

“Aside from the informational content shared in Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, which is beyond inspirational, the clarity of information being channeled is astounding. It is extremely difficult to transcend human filter presets when channeling inter-dimensional or multidimensional information. Claire Heartsong does the impossible, as the channeled information in her book resonates with complete accuracy, free of unintentional human tainting or filtering. I have never experienced channeled information with this clarity level involving detailed life descriptions. No one could possibly read this book material without experiencing a new sense of self-awareness upon its completion. You could literally place this book over your heart, release into a meditative state, and experience extremely enhanced harmonic expressions without effort. If you could only read one book in your lifetime it should be Anna, Grandmother of Jesus.” ~ Craig W. Duering

“I feel honored to have the opportunity to give my response to both books on Anna. Yes, it is indeed a blessing to read both books (I am presently in the middle of the second book I received today and am totally enthralled by it.) I will write further on the second book later on. For the first book, I feel a deep gratitude to Claire for having brought forward Anna's wisdom. It touches me to the core. I feel her so present as a healing balm in my life. I have been immersed in a Catholic religion upbringing and have soooo much missed the teachings of the Divine Feminine, knowing deep within there was something grandly missing. I now feel my life has solid direction and footing, knowing or remembering that such wisdom is indeed available and true. Thank you from the heart. The work is just starting indeed. Thanks again for the awesome work you do.” ~ -Aniana  (Canada)

"I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work with Claire and this marvelous, activating book...At a time when I have been given a great gift and mission form the Divine Mother, I have sought support and was guided (almost urgently) to your book." ~ Kathy M.

“There is no place on this earth that is not being

reached by the Christ-Magdalene Voice.“

~ From Anna, , the Voice of the Magdalenes

 ‘’Anna, Grandmother of Jesus”

- ‘’Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes”

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